Sheriff Sale Intervention


In many cases a homeowner has not applied for any loss mitigation option however still wants to keep their home but find this themselves facing a foreclosure (sheriff sale) date. It may not be too late. However, the window of opportunity begins to close quickly as the foreclosure
date approaches. The banks become less likely to work with the homeowner, as the foreclosure is in an advanced stage. In this situation judicial intervention may be needed to provide for more time to be able to take advantage of pre-foreclosure loan work-outs.

A homeowner can apply to the court and appear before the judge themselves. But it is our experience that it’s best to have an attorney in this scenario. Citizens Mortgage Relief can assist the homeowner in their request for judicial intervention. We have a team of experienced attorney’s that will fight to save your home and advocate for more time to work out, in lieu of foreclosure, a solution to the impending foreclosure.

Don’t wait to call. Time is of the essence in these situations.

Contact your local Citizens Mortgage Relief representative for more information.